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Join us November 13-15, at The Peabody Memphis, to explore some of the hottest topics in banking and technology.

Get answers to your most burning tech strategy questions at this interactive and entertaining event while winning cool prizes and networking with your peers and some of the industry’s leading consultants and tech providers.

This year’s sessions include:

Fintechs, Foosball, and F***-Ups: How Bankers Can Get Their Tech Strategies Right                                                                 Jimmy Sawyers, RedTorch Consulting/Sawyers & Jacobs LLC

The degree of difficulty in making sound bank tech decisions has increased dramatically in recent years. Bankers fear losing market share to fintechs yet don’t want to abandon the values and business practices that have made their banks wildly successful and profitable for the past 100 years. Are fintechs truly going to disrupt traditional banking as we know it or are they simply masters of hyperbole, funding, foosball, and foul-ups? Can bankers adapt and beat fintechs at their own game? Join Jimmy as he shows bankers how they can craft a winning strategy to win the digital banking war, create and keep loyal customers, increase employee productivity, and map a course for your bank’s future.

Serving the Digital-First Customer: How Bankers Can Deliver                                                                                                         Kevin Anderson, 360 View

Learning to serve customers on their channels of choice can make or break your bank’s future. How can bankers balance traditional channels with new, digital services? Is this an all-or-none proposition? Find out how your bank can achieve the right mix of personal service and high-tech delivery.

Building Your Tech Team:  A Blueprint for Success                                                                                                                            Mark Faircloth, Faircloth Performance Partners

This interactive session provides answers to tough questions about one of the most stressful job groups in banking: finding and keeping good talent, keeping up with changing customer, intra-bank and regulatory demands, and creating a cohesive, self-managing team.  Based on a case study, Mark provides a manager’s guide to creating effective career paths as well as decision factors for utilizing in-house talent or outside resources. These ideas are supported with practical advice on team development and forming stronger relationships within the bank.

Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Bank’s Tech Infrastructure                                                                                                          Sawyers & Jacobs Team, RedCape Tech Support/Sawyers & Jacobs LLC

Simply put, a bank is an information network. Despite the brick and mortar, glass and steel, a bank cannot function if its tech infrastructure is not sound, stable, scalable, secure, and robust. In this day of cloud computing, virtualization, cybersecurity preparedness, APIs, digital services, and constant disruption, how can bank management organize its tech infrastructure for success? Is 100% outsourcing the answer? What is the value of having in-house tech support, people dedicated to the bank’s mission and “wearing your jersey”? When should the bank rely on in-house expertise and when should third-parties provide high-level consulting to move the bank forward? There is no one formula for success but we can certainly give you several options that we see working in banks every day. Join the Sawyers & Jacobs team as we share stories from the front lines and the trenches of banks’ tech infrastructure while helping you plan for the inevitable change to come.

Big Data: What Do I Do With It?                                                                                                                                                            Arden Sustad, Journey Technology Solutions

Data you got; information you don’t. How can banks take the wealth of data flowing through their systems and turn it into practical, useful information that can positively influence strategic decisions, improve bank profitability, and enhance the customer experience. Get real-world examples from an industry veteran as you learn how to leverage this waterfall of data and turn it into an energy-producing source of success for your bank’s future.

Sucker-Proofing: How to Invest in the Right Technologies (and what happens when you don’t)                                                  Trent Fleming, Trent Fleming Consulting

So many choices; complex decisions; cutting through the hype; establishing the business case; documenting due diligence; all important to making sound decisions regarding tech purchases. Learn how bankers are hitching their wagons to the right providers and avoiding those who might lead them off a cliff. Learn from an industry expert who has helped banks make informed tech purchasing investments for the past 32 years.

The Mystery of the Mobile-Only Banking Account: A Digital Journey                                                                                            Jimmy Sawyers, RedTorch Consulting/Sawyers & Jacobs LLC

Join Jimmy Sawyers as he takes you through the process of enrolling in a mobile-only account with a fintech provider. Learn how your bank can offer such an account but with a better customer experience and less friction.

Trump, Tax Cuts, and What It Means to You in 2019                                                                                                                                Dr. Ed Seifried, S&B West, LLC

As we enter 2019, how has the Trump administration affected banking and, in turn, your career? What are the short-term and long-term effects of the Trump tax cuts? How does the Trump economy impact your bank’s tech investments and the financial performance of your tech providers? Always a Bank Tech favorite and a superstar in the banking industry, join Dr. Ed as he provides his usual entertaining and educational take on how the economy affects our personal and professional lives in ways that are not always apparent.

Mobile, Voice, and Artificial Intelligence:  Locating and Leveraging the Next Killer App                                                                    Ed Rhea, MEA Financial Enterprises

Is your bank’s mobile channel the best it can be?  How is your bank prepared for voice banking on the Amazon Echo and Google Home platforms?  How will artificial intelligence affect all of these channels and change the delivery of bank services in ways previously unimagined?  Join an industry veteran who understands these strategic issues and offers unique insight on how your bank can win the mobile battle by providing advanced digital services from the smartphone to the car to the home.

Cybersecurity Forecast for 2019: Is Your Bank Ready?                                                                                                                  Joshua Jacobs, RedWolf Cybersecurity/Sawyers & Jacobs LLC

As the inevitable cybersecurity storm of 2019 approaches, is your bank prepared with the right defenses? The threat landscape continues to evolve as bankers fight to stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals while offering more digital services, more open systems, and a more self-service customer access to banking services. Get the practical cybersecurity information you need to make the right calls and protect your bank.

ISO Confused! Intelligent Information Security Strategies That Benefit Banks (Not Vendors)                                                    Jimmy Sawyers, RedTail Risk Management/Sawyers & Jacobs LLC

Information Security is top-of-the-list with examiners. Yet, bankers continue to struggle mightily with this area. Who should be our ISO and how much time should that position take? How much power should the ISO possess? Learn how to strike the right balance and implement an effective Information Security Program that will keep your bank competitive and secure.

The Right Way to Build a Vendor Management Program                                                                                                                  Jimmy Sawyers, RedTail Risk Management/Sawyers & Jacobs LLC

Bankers are burning lots of calories running on the vendor management treadmill but they are frequently not seeing results. Money invested in less-than satisfactory vendor management systems has bankers wondering how this beast can be tamed to satisfy examiners while providing practical information for critical decision-making. The answer doesn’t lie in one system or one magic program but there are some reasonable methods to tackling this important issue. In this session, learn a practical approach to building (or revamping) your bank’s vendor management program to yield the information you need to avoid vendor disasters, keep your board informed, and spend your bank’s money wisely.

Cybersecurity Insurance: What Bankers Need to Know                                                                                                                     Yenu Wodajo, Willis Towers Watson

A critical part of cybersecurity preparedness is the transfer of risk in the form of cybersecurity insurance coverage. However, do bankers truly understand what is covered? How do other insurance policies interact with (or often supplant) such coverage? Get tips from an industry expert who can help your bank navigate this complex decision and establish the proper cybersecurity insurance coverage.

Payments Innovations: Moving Money Without Losing Money in 2019                                                                                       Speaker TBD

Are bankers losing the payments franchise to non-bank providers? How can bankers mitigate debit card fraud to an acceptable level? Will current P2P innovations succeed or fall flat? The very future of banking as we know it could rest on the answers to these critical questions. Join us as we explore recent payments innovations and learn how bankers are winning the payments battle.

Best Practices for the Care and Feeding of the Banker & Tech Provider Relationship                                                                    Stan Viner, SJViner & Associates

How can bankers get the most out of their banks’ technology investments while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with the technology services providers that their banks depend on to succeed?  Like any marriage, it takes work.  As you know – your investment in technology is one of your biggest non-interest expenses.  Combine that with the fact that there are “fewer banks” each year which results in an increasingly competitive tech marketplace, these relationships are of tantamount importance.  Learn the best methods for success from an industry veteran who brings over 35 years of experience and a unique perspective as he shares the keys to unlocking the secrets of a happy banker-tech provider partnership.

Top 20 Takeaways                                                                                                                                                                                 Jimmy Sawyers & Joshua Jacobs, Sawyers & Jacobs LLC

Jump start your bank’s Strategic Technology Plan for 2019 by grabbing valuable takeaways that can propel your bank to a new level of high performance. Show your superiors that you “get it” and understand the bank is a for-profit entity that must balance the risk-reward proposition. Dazzle at your next board meeting as you present groundbreaking ideas that benefit your bank and your career.

– subject to change as speakers and sessions are finalized

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