Sawyers and Jacobs came highly recommended to our bank by another IT consultant when we needed to tackle several big projects. When I say that they did not disappoint, I’m understating the results.

CEO, Missouri Bank

Sawyers & Jacobs provided thorough and excellent work for our core contract negotiation.

CIO, Virginia Bank

Jimmy Sawyers and I go back a long way to a relationship with a previous institution.  After we started our bank in 2000, he was the first person I called to help us get our core system selected and all other IT systems needed.  He and his team are as much a part of our bank’s team as we in senior management are.  Highly recommend them!!!

Chairman, Mississippi Bank

Sawyers & Jacobs has been instrumental in laying out areas that needed correction prior to OCC exams; they have made suggestions to help us better serve our customer base and after a complete system fail, we were able to use a report prepared by Sawyers & Jacobs to rebuild by.

COO, Mississippi Bank

Sawyers & Jacobs has an outstanding reputation, one they live up to.  Experts in their field, easy to work with.  Their IT Exam/Cybersecurity Assessments are very thorough with detailed reporting.

CIO, Tennessee Bank

We have used Sawyers & Jacobs for multiple audits and have always been extremely satisfied by their competence and professionalism.  They are also very prompt in providing answers related to best practice and/or regulatory requirements.

COO, Tennessee Bank

We chose Sawyers & Jacobs as our consultants because we have worked with Jimmy Sawyers and some of his staff for over ten years. We have always been pleased with their service and advice.

COO, Missouri Bank

The Sawyers & Jacobs team has always provided exceptional technical ability and service!

CEO, Tennessee Bank

The Sawyers and Jacobs team is always there when I need them.  They make me feel like I am their most important client!!

IT Manager, Tennessee Bank

Sawyers and Jacobs has a professional team that is up-to-date on issues in the financial industry.

CEO, Tennessee Bank

The Sawyers & Jacobs team has helped us through all our IT challenges.    We appreciate their knowledge and professionalism.

CFO, Mississippi Bank

Although we are not a bank, our data systems are critical to us as a registered investment advisor.  Sawyers & Jacobs has provided excellent service and advice.  We consider them a partner more than a vendor.

CEO, Investment Banking Firm

We have been using Sawyers & Jacobs for our IT audits.  They are very knowledgeable and always provide excellent service.

Internal Auditor, Tennessee Bank

Sawyers and Jacobs has been with us since we created the Bank in 2007.  Their audits and risk assessments always have us successfully prepared for annual examinations.  We very much appreciate their partnership.

COO, Mississippi Bank

Sawyers & Jacobs helped our bank overcome severe criticisms from our regulators in a previous exam.  Our regulators love the work from Sawyers & Jacobs that we are able to provide.

CIO, Mississippi Bank

We selected Sawyers & Jacobs to assist us with our selection process because we were confident they had the knowledge and objectivity to advise us in an unbiased manner.  They met or exceeded all of our expectations.

CFO & COO, Tennessee Bank

Sawyers & Jacobs performs our annual IT Review and Network Vulnerability Assessment. They have always done a very comprehensive review and displayed the highest level of professionalism during the process. Their firm is well respected by the regulatory agencies and in the banking industry.

CIO, Tennessee Bank


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