Bomb Threats Being Sent Via Email Nationwide

ExtortionPlot, Demanding Bitcoin Payments

This afternoon, Thursday, December 13, bomb threats are being emailed to organizations across the nation, including at least one of our bank clients in Tennessee.  

The emails make terroristic threats and demand $20,000 in bitcoin be sent by the end of the day.  

The FBI is aware of the emails and in one case in Seattle, at the University of Washington, “advised that the email is not a credible threat.”  Source:  CNN

This is a fluid situation so we advise you to refer to your Bomb Threat section of your institution’s Business Continuity Plan and notify your Security Officer so he or she is aware of this potential threat.  You might also refer to your Business Continuity Tabletop Test where you addressed this scenario.

While these may be fake extortion attempts, we want you to be aware and proceed according to your individual institution’s policies and procedures regarding such incidents.

Please keep in mind that your plan may advise for such threats received by telephone instead of email.  This appears to be a new ploy.

We are providing the links below to several news sources so you can remain informed as this situation unfolds:



Chicago Tribune

Feel free to share this alert within your organization.

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