Here are twelve reasons to attend Bank Tech Summit 2019, October 16-18, at the Guest House at Graceland:

  1. Speakers – nationally recognized;  the best in their fields!
  2. Hot Topics – the tech, payments, and cybersecurity issues that are top-of-mind with bankers!
  3. Venue – the Guest House at Graceland has redefined “cool” with a top-notch facility that is funky yet functional;  classy yet comfortable.
  4. Networking – exchange knowledge with your peers and expand your network!
  5. VIP Tour– we will have a private tour of the Graceland mansion at night!  How cool is that?!
  6. Prizes – win cool tech gadgets!
  7. Food – refreshment breaks, breakfasts, and dinners fit for a King!
  8. Reception – enjoy an adult beverage or two at our open-bar receptions!
  9. Games – cornhole for cash!  Always a Bank Tech hit!
  10. Exhibitors – interact with some of the leading bank tech providers in an easygoing, no-sales pressure environment!
  11. Career – he or she with the most knowledge wins in the knowledge economy!  Be a little selfish and treat yourself to a heaping helping of brain food that will increase your value, enhance your intellectual capital, and advance your career!
  12. Strategic Planning – perhaps the most important reason…mapping out your bank’s tech strategy for 2020 and beyond! We guarantee you’ll leave this event smarter, more informed, and supremely motivated to take on the tech challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

That’s a dozen, cousin!  Twelve reasons you should not delay and register today!

If you need more reasons, check out these presentations to be delivered by some of the best, brightest, and most sought-after speakers in our industry:


Kathleen Craig 

HTMA (HT Mobile Apps)

Can’t Help Falling in Love with Fintechs:  How to Partner for Success


Mark Faircloth

Faircloth Performance Partners

Suspicious Minds:  Creating and Maintaining Trust…with customers, teammates, and ourselves


Trent Fleming

Trent Fleming Consulting

Heartbreak Hotel:  Technology Trends You Should Avoid


Virginia Heyburn


Aligning Your Bank’s Strategic Focus in a Payments Industry That is “All Shook Up”

The Market, the Mergers, Contactless, iGeneration Expectations, and the Changing Customer Experience


Shaun Harms

Bankers Assurance, LLC

Taming the Compliance Beast Through Tech


Joshua Jacobs

Sawyers & Jacobs LLC

Don’t Be Cruel (with your cybersecurity measures)

Maintaining Balance in Cybersecurity Preparedness, Employee Productivity, and the Customer Experience


Scott Mills

William Mills Agency

Fintech Gut Check

How Accelerators and Incubators May Help or Hurt Your Bank


Jimmy Sawyers 

Sawyers & Jacobs LLC

It’s Now or Never:  Picking Tech Trends for 2020


Bonus Session:

Hound Dogs and Teddy Bears:  Removing the Fear and Fantasy from Vendor Management  


Noah Scalin

Another Limited Rebellion

A Little Less Conversation:  The Art of Innovation


Dr. Ed Seifried

S&B West LLC

Recession Threat:  Real or Imagined?


Arden Sustad

Journey Technology Solutions

Burning Love:  Increasing Bank Profitability & Customer Satisfaction with Digital Services, Relationship Pricing, and Advanced Data Analytics


Lee Wetherington

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.

Caught in a Trap: Strategic Differentiation and the Future of Community Banking


The event includes the usual “Top 20 Takeaways” session with Jimmy Sawyers and Joshua Jacobs on the final day.

We believe we have met our goal once again of engaging the best speakers in the industry who can bring their unique experience and insight to the complex issues facing bankers today.

This conference delivers…year after year!

We will publish the full brochure soon.  Register today for Bank Tech Summit 2019, the Strategic Technology Event for Bankers!

Join us October 16-18, at The Guest House at Gracelandto explore some of the hottest topics in banking, technology, payments, digital services, and cybersecurity.


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