Click here to join Jimmy Sawyers and Joshua Jacobs for part two of a two-part podcast, Top Ten Strategies for the New Mobile Workforce, hosted by our friends at the Barret Graduate School of Banking with Byron Earnheart at the mic asking the tough questions that are top-of-mind with bankers who are facing new challenges brought on by the need to “go mobile.”

This is Part Two of the podcast which picks up with topic 6 on the list below.  To listen to Part One of the podcast, which covers topics 1-5, click here.


  1. The Most Overblown Remote Worker/Mobile Workforce Fears
  1. Leveraging Mobile Devices: Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, and Smart TVs
  1. How to Persuade Myrtle Sue in Compliance and Jo-Jo the IT guy to let you have email on your smartphone and remote access to the Bank’s network
  1. Best-of-Breed Collaboration Tools (videoconferencing, audio equipment, and how to use them)
  1. Communicating with your Team During Workplace Disruptions
  1. Bandwidth, Backup, Battlestar Galactica: Pitfalls to Avoid
  1. Tips for High Performance: Out of Office Does Not Mean Unproductive
  1. Contingency Planning in a Mobile World: Always Have a Plan B, C, & D
  1. Cybersecurity Issues for the Mobile Workforce
  1. The Tech Genie is Out of the Bottle: How This Incident Will Change Your Bank (and how you work) Forever

Learn from two of the most experienced people in the industry. As working consultants who are helping their client banks in 27 states, every day, Jimmy and Joshua discuss practice, not just theory. Get expert advice on how to face the new challenges of the mobile workforce. Find out how bankers are adapting to a new way of working and serving their customers. Learn how to strike the right balance between productivity and security.  Increase your mobility and your bank’s performance.