For over 15 years, around late December and early January, I’ve enjoyed sitting in front of the fireplace to write my annual predictions for how tech will impact banking in the year ahead. Mid-year, it’s always a fun (and sometimes humbling exercise) to see how well my predictions are holding up. Over the years, some have been on target (e.g., the death of BlackBerry) while some have missed the mark (e.g., I thought Apple Pay would be more popular).

To disagree is American. So, my fellow Americans, I welcome your feedback on my 2021 predictions and, please, feel free to disagree and/or give me your take by simply replying to this email. You have our permission to share the predictions PDF with your colleagues.

For a deeper dive into the annual predictions, visit and review all the way back to 2005 to see how I did and to see just how rapidly technology has advanced in the years since.

Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts and opinions. We always enjoy hearing from you, our clients and friends.

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