Click above to watch Jimmy Sawyers’ interview with Fox2News as they feature Sawyers & Jacobs LLC as the first to secure office space at Spark St. Louis (PwC Pennant Building) in Ballpark Village.

ST. LOUIS – Seeing the potential in downtown St. Louis and recognizing the growing tech community in the area, Jimmy Sawyers wanted to make sure he had the best view as it all unfolds.

Already a part-time resident of One Cardinal Way, Sawyers was pleased to expand his firm and open new offices just down the block in his Ballpark Village neighborhood.

“When this (Spark) came available, I jumped right on it and we secured office number one,” said Jimmy Sawyers, Chairman and Co-Founder of Sawyers & Jacobs. Founded 12 years ago with his business partner, Joshua Jacobs, the firm now has multiple offices in Spark and is poised to grow its community bank and credit union consulting practice to meet the incredible demand for cybersecurity, risk management, management consulting and tech support services.

Sawyers and Jacobs has clients in 30 states, from Oregon to Virginia. Most of the firm’s clients are concentrated in the South and the Midwest, making Memphis and St. Louis excellent hubs for reaching clients closer to the communities they serve.

Sawyers adds, “So, we’ve been very happy. It’s a great work environment. It’s a diverse group of entrepreneurs, from solo practitioners to boutique consulting firms like ours.”

Patrick Clark of Fox2News noted, “Opened in June inside the PwC Pennant building in Ballpark Village, Spark St. Louis is bringing together entrepreneurs of all ages, with an impressive overlook of the ballpark or the city. The 30,000 square-foot co-working space at 6 Cardinal Way, Suite 900, is filled with amenities that any modern-day entrepreneur could ask for, from podcast rooms to Zen spaces overlooking the city.”

A lifelong Cardinals fan, Sawyers reflects on tradition with an eye to the future. “This area is sacred ground to me already because I’ve been coming to Busch Stadium since I was 12 years old to baseball games.  So, when you have this energy in this area, this positive energy, it just makes for a really great environment for business, innovation, and creativity.”

About the Firm

Sawyers & Jacobs LLC is headquartered in Collierville, Tennessee, in the Memphis metro area, where the firm owns two office buildings in Halle Park Professional Centre. The St. Louis expansion, with the private offices at Spark St. Louis, extends the firm’s geographic footprint and increases accessibility for its clients in the Midwest. The firm now has consultants located in Memphis, St. Louis, and Austin, as they continue to grow and hire to meet client demand for management consulting, risk management, cybersecurity, and tech support.

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