Many firms talk a good game with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).
The dynamic duo of Sawyers & Jacobs LLC and Seifried & Brew LLC…DELIVER!

The Art of Enterprise Risk Management

Practical – Affordable – Effective – Color-coded

Designed specifically for community banks

Get off GO with your bank’s ERM program.

  • Avoid risk management blind spots
  • Increase awareness of specific risks
  • Enhance your bank’s ability to navigate the marketplace
  • Better execute your bank’s strategic plan
  • Manage the bank within its tolerance for risk
  • Arm your board with valuable, insightful information
  • Designed exclusively for community banks
  • Color-coded graphics for visual representation of risk areas
  • Easy-to-understand, comprehensive reporting
  • Better execute your bank’s strategic plan
  • Broken down into a manageable process

Start with the Enterprise Risk Assessment (ERA) to measure the bank’s risk on an enterprise basis.

Continue with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to monitor the bank’s performance each quarter and spot positive and negative risk trends.

The Business Case for Enterprise Risk Management

Banking regulatory agencies have strongly suggested that banks perform Enterprise Risk Assessments (ERA) and implement an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program specific to the individual bank. This has been a difficult and costly task for most banks as the most widely-published ERM models apply to publicly traded, non-bank entities, most of them Fortune 500 companies. Community bankers were faced with the choice of implementing an ambiguous, generic ERM program that didn’t fit the community bank business model or engaging costly outside help to spend months and sometimes years developing an ERM program. Consequently, neither option produced favorable results.

In response to community bank client demand, Sawyers & Jacobs LLC developed an Enterprise Risk Assessment specific to community banks. This risk assessment is the catalyst and the launching pad for community banks to begin and maintain an Enterprise Risk Management program.

Sawyers & Jacobs has partnered with Seifried & Brew LLC to offer a Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management program that measures and monitors a bank’s enterprise risk. The Enterprise Risk Assessment provides the measurement, and the Seifried & Brew complementary services provide the monitoring, effectively producing an affordable, bank-specific Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management program for community banks that supports risk-based performance. Start managing your bank’s risk/reward proposition today with our Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management program.

Success Story

An $800 million asset bank faced a particularly rough OCC examination and needed a practical method of assessing the bank’s risk on an enterprise basis. The examiners wanted a comprehensive approach that would encompass the major areas of the bank and the board of directors needed reporting that would provide easy-to-understand information and practical insight. Sawyers & Jacobs facilitated an Enterprise Risk Assessment for the bank, obtained input from each of the bank’s key managers and produced a comprehensive, color-coded, in-depth report with an Executive Summary for the board of directors to explain the process and results. This bank has now taken the Enterprise Risk Assessment to the next level by enhancing it with quarterly performance monitoring via the Enterprise Risk Management reporting from Seifried & Brew. The resulting Enterprise Risk Management program gives the bank’s management and board of directors the information and insight they need to make sound strategic decisions to manage the bank’s risk and preserve and grow stakeholder value. By the way, the examiners are happy too. Win-win.